Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Disaster Management Unit


  Procurement/Tenders Unit
  Supervisory Officers within the Department:

Ms. Annalise Philip
Department core functions / responsibilities:
Process tenders for the different Tender Committees such as Chief Executive  Officer, Special Ministerial Tenders Committee, Regional Corporation Tenders Committee
Attends Meetings of the Committees.  
Submit requests for the Corporation through the permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government to the Central Tenders Board for the process of the award of contracts
Registers Petty Contractors and Maintains Register.  
Submit monthly returns to the Central Tenders Board on contracts awarded for the Regional Corporation Tenders Committee.
Acquire quotation for Open Market Purchases.  

There are various documents which must be completed before being registered as a Contractor with the Corporation. These documents can be downloaded for our FORMS page.

Tenders are invited from Contractors Registered with the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation for works under Development Programme 2013 - 2014 (Box Drains & Road Paving). This notice can also be found on our Forms page.