Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Tenders Unit
  Disaster Management Unit

  Supervisory Officers within the Department: (Field Officers)


Department core functions / responsibilities:
Provide expert Disaster Risk Reduction advice to the Administration of the Municipal Corporation  
Collaborate with other first responders in providing local – level assistance to citizens impacted by hazards.  
Manage the operations of the Municipal Emergency Operations (MEOC) when activated.  
Educate communities on all phases of the disaster management cycle.  
Carry out activities in accordance with the disaster Management policy of the Ministry of Local Government.
Services Offered :

Conduct initial damage assessment (IDA) in the aftermath of the impact of a hazard to identify emergency/relief requirements.

Coordinates surveys in disaster areas to determine damage to property and repair or reconstruction requirements.

Provides logistics support to emergency relief activitiesby procuring needed items of relief supplies.

Oversees Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) operations.

Monitors, response and recovery activities involving the use of disaster related equipment such as pumps, power – saws etc.

Ensures Health and Safety precautions are taken in the execution of emergency response operations.

Maps, using GPS technology, all critical facilities within the Municipal Corporation.

Conducts Community Emergency Preparedness programmes.
 There are no fees attached to these services.

List of current major projects:

Vulnerability Assessment Survey for the entire Sangre Grande area.
Listing of major projects 2013/2014:

Debate, Poster and Essay competition for all schools of the region.

Training of additional Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
Further training for staff members – 10 Saturday Emergency and Crisis Management, Light search and Rescue and Shelter Management.

Establishment of Early Warning Points (EWP) in conjunction with UNDP.

In collaboration with BPTT – Oil Wildlife Rehabilitation Project.
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Contact:  TEL: 668-1160  FAX: 668-1160