Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Technical Department

Name of department    -    Technical/Engineering
  Head of department    -    Engineering and Survey Officer
  Supervisory Officers within Department:

Engineering and Survey Officer
 County Superintendent
    Road officer III
    Road Officer II
    Road Officer I
    Works Supervisor III
    Workshop Foreman

Department core functions / responsibilities :
Maintenance/development of all secondary roads (bridges, culverts, road surface, drains) public cemeteries, recreation grounds, play parks, buildings, markets and abattoirs.
Preparation of estimates, status/progress reports  
Attending council meetings  
Services Offered:

Assist in the maintenance of recreational facilities at schools

Provide accommodation facilities to other Government departments (i.e. Ombudsman Investigation Unit, Police Complaints Authority, Equal Opportunities Commissions), receive complaints and meet members of the public.