Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Secretariat Department Functions

Head of Department: Ms. Lindsay Webb
  Supervisory Officers within Department:

Adm. Asst: Mrs. Vena Buchoon
AO II: Mrs Haymawatie Mohammed

Department core functions / responsibilities:
General Supervision of Human Resource matters.  
Administrative matters in the absence of the C.E.O  
Represents the C.E.O at meetings.  
Responds to correspondence on behalf of the C.E.O.  
Represents the C.E.O at meetings of the council.  
Responds to complaints from the office of the ombudsman.  
Attends to complaints/ queries from the public.  
Attends to matters pertaining to the council.  
Prepare Chamber for Meetings;  
Attend and takes notes at Council Meetings;  
Prepare Reports and Recommendations from various Committees for the Statutory Meeting;  
Prepare Minutes for the listed Council Meetings:  

Public Health Committee;
Education & Social & Welfare Social & Welfare Committee;
Personnel Committee;
Sports & Culture Committee;
Physical Infrastructure Committee;
Building Committee – sub Committee for Public Health;
Finance, Planning and Allocation of Resources of Committee;
Regional Coordinating.

Prepare and Collate Documents for Agenda;

Submit typed minutes, Council approvals and correspondence to Corporate Secretary for vetting, approval and authorization, as necessary;

Distribute Agenda to Heads of Section and Members of Council and other Agencies;

Acknowledge all correspondence received;

Photocopy correspondence and refer matters to technical officers for investigation and action;

Prepare statements to Accounts Department for processing;

Prepare and follow up action of Council’s resolution for payment by the Accounts Department;