Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Public Health Department

Head of Department: Vacant

Department Supervisor: Vijai Baran

  The Public Health Department of Sangre Grande Regional Corporation provides General Environmental Sanitation Work which is constituted in the region of St. Andrew/ St. David. However, the Public Health Department compromises of Principal Medical and Health Officer, Public Health Inspector III, Supervisor/Public Health Department and two (2) Public Health Officers and two (2) Environmental Sanitation Patrolmen.
  Roles and Responsibilities
Principal Medical and Health Officer: is responsible for the general supervision of the Public Health Department in accordance with section 42 of the Municipal Corporation Act No. 21 of 1990.

The Public Health Inspector III: (position vacant) General Supervision

Supervisor/Public Health Department: his responsibility is to supervise Scavenging, Cleaning of drains and minor water courses, Supply of Truck Bourne Water, Rodent Control, Cesspool Service and Litter Prevention Wardens.

Public Health Officers: to assist in the of supervision of the Scavenging and Drainage Services and Litter Prevention Wardens.
Functions Carried Out
Scavenging Services (garbage collection)
Cleaning and Desilting of Drains and Minor Water Courses
Supply of Truck Bourne Water
Rodent Control
Cesspool Services
Litter Prevention Warden
 Truck Borne Water and Scavenging Schedules
  The Corporation is committed to serving the people of the region with the best possible levels
of service. Consequently we have posted our Truck Borne Water Distribution and Scavenging Schedules
for your viewing. Please click on the Forms page on the top banner to access the documents.

Type of Service
  Applicable Fee
Cesspit; (1) Barrel
                (2) Barrels
Concrete Cesspit
Septic Tank
Commercial Building (septic tank)
Emergency Fee (2 to 5 working days)
Marketable Commodities
Meat and Fish