Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Municipal Police
  Head of Department: Sewak Baran (Municipal Police Inspector)
  Supervisory Officer : Mahadeo Ram (Municipal Police Sergeant)
  The Municipal Police was first established under Section 48 (1) of the Municipal Corporation Act No.21 of 1990, for service in connection with the duties of the Corporation. As enshrined within the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago, each Municipality has been afforded its own Police Department.

Every member of a Municipal Police Service, in addition to the special powers vested in him under this Act, has in respect of the whole of Trinidad and Tobago all the powers, privileges and immunities conferred on a constable by the Common Law, and also all the powers, privileges, immunities and liabilities conferred or imposed on a constable or on a First Division or Second Division police officer of corresponding rank by the Police Service Act and every act done by or to any member of a Municipal Police Service in the execution of his duty has the same effect and is attended with the same liabilities and other consequences and is punishable in the same manner as if done by or to a member of the Police Service in the execution of his duty.

The Sangre Grande Municipal Police Department is a fully functional police station which boasts of highly trained officers and state of the art equipments. The Second Division Officer in charge, Inspector Sewak Baran has taken the initiative to upgrade its services, to a more updated system, thereby increasing its efficiency in conducting its daily police duties, serving the people of Sangre Grande more effectively and thereby meeting the needs of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation.
  Current Functions Carried Out By The Department:
  Foot and Mobile Patrols
  Report taking and Investigations
  Escort services
  Community Policing
Traffic Exercises
  Breathalyzer Testing (Field Sobriety Test)
  Closed Circuit Television Monitoring
  Noise Pollution enforcement
  GPS Tracking
  Special Exercises
  Investigates Reports of : Illegal Dumping, Illegal Logging, Illegal Vending, Possession of Narcotics, Larceny, Domestic Violence, Accidents, Assaults and Illegal Quarrying.
  Serve Summons
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