Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Corporation Responsibilities
Head of Sections
  Councillors & Aldermen
  The term of the current council of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation will extend between the period 2016 - 2019. Local Government elections will be constitutionally due in 2019. 
 Electoral District
 Councillor  Telephone Contact
 Toco/Fishing Pond - Chairam of Council  Terry Rondon 
 Kenwyn Phillip
 Valencia - Vice Chairman of Council
 Simone Turnyka Gill
 Sangre Grande South
 Kennick Suepaul
 Vega De Oropouche
 Anil Juteram
 Sangre Grande Northwest
 Elizabeth Wharton
 Sangre Grande Northeast
 Paul Mongolas
 Nirmal Singh

 Representing Party
Telephone Contact 
 Cuthbert Pierre                                                           
 Peoples National Movement
 Daneille Marshall-Piper
 Peoples National Movement
 Sookdeo Bidaisee
 United National Congress
 Videsh Ramsingh
 United National Congress