Sunday, March 29, 2020
  Corporation Responsibilities
  At a national level, Municipal Corporations are mandated to carry out a number of functions. As Local Government undergoes a process of reform, more of these functions are being executed on a phased basis. Some of these include:-
The distribution of truck borne water subject to the provisions of the Water and Sewerage Act (Chapter 54:40)   The provision, maintenance and control of all Corporation buildings
The maintenance and control of homes for the aged established by the Corporation
  The maintenance and control of child care centers established by the Corporation (subject to any other written law)
The construction and maintenance of all drains and water courses, except main water-courses and highway water courses   The provision, maintenance, and control of such parks, recreation grounds, beaches and other public spaces as the President may from time to time by Order prescribe
The promotion of development within the Municipality in accordance with the plans approved by the Minister with responsibility for physical planning
  The maintenance of state property including – such police stations, health centers, post of- fices, and other government buildings as the Minister to whom responsibility for the construction and maintenance of buildings is as- signed may by order determine
The maintenance, control and enhancement of the physical environment including – monitoring water courses, beaches and water front areas, swamps, forests, game sanctuaries, savannahs, parks and other open spaces
  The disposal of garbage from public and private property, the development and maintenance of sanitary landfills, chemical treatment for insect and vector control, abatement of public nuisances and dissemination of information for primary health care
The development, construction, maintenance and repair of passenger bus and taxi shelters and benches   The co-ordination of local and regional trade fairs, athletic events and cultural displays and entertainment
The collection and distribution of forms issued by Departments of Government
  The maintenance and control of burial grounds and crematoria, subject to the provisions of the Public Burial Grounds Act (Chapter 30:50) and the Cremation Act (Chapter 30:51)
The provision, maintenance and control of public pastures and recreation grounds, subject to the provisions of the Recreation Grounds and Pastures Act (Chapter 41:01)
  Such other functions as the President may from time to time by Order prescribe
Further, and although not the responsibility of the Corporation, assistance is also provided in a variety of ways to Schools, Churches, Community groups and other Non Governmental Organizations as approved by Council