Sunday, March 29, 2020

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation will facilitate sustainability and a high quality of life for its citizenry by encouraging the holistic development of the Region through community participation in its affairs, uncompromising in its quest for service excellence while carving its niche in the national and global environment.


The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation will provide prompt quality local government services
to citizens of the region in an effective and efficient manner thereby enhancing the standard
of living in our communities within the context of national development.

  About Us
  With an area of approximately 898.square kilometers, the municipality of Sangre Grande is geographically the largest in Trinidad. This Region is largely rural in character with 41 communities which are located along the major arterial network and at their main intersections.

The Sangre Grande Regional Corporation is a creature of the Municipal Corporations Act No. 21 of 1990 (as amended) and is one of fourteen such bodies responsible for local governance in Trinidad.

The Corporation is also impacted by other legislation which includes the following:


The Standing Orders of the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation       The Representation of the People Act
The Boundaries Commission Act       The Industrial Relations Act
The Town and Country Planning Act       The Public Health Ordinance
The Land Acquisition Act       The Highways Act
The Regularization of Tenure Act, 1998       The Public Service Regulations
The Market Bye-Laws       The Freedom of Information Act
The Dangerous Dogs Act       The Litter Act
Equal Opportunities Act          


675km Roads &Traces  
207 Bridges 
3 Buildings
  817 Drains
3 Public Conveniences
  1 Park
44 Recreation Facilities   1 Market
1 Abattoir
  22 Cemeteries
101km of Coastline

Eight districts make up the SGRC and cover a combined area of more than 898 square kilometers, making this the largest Municipality by geographic area. For the purpose of political and electoral convenience, the Municipality of Sangre Grande is subdivided into eight (8) Electoral Districts as follows:-

  1. Cumuto/Tamana
  2. Manzanilla
  3. Sangre Grande North East
  4. Sangre Grande North West
  5. Sangre Grande South
  6. Toco/Fishing Pond
  7. Valencia
  8. Vega de Oropouche